Youth Employability

The mismatch between higher education and the job market creates major social, political, and economical problems in many countries. Every year, a large number of graduates are unable to find jobs. The resulting youth unemployment causes major social and political tensions. Paradoxically, at the same time, employers are unable to find candidates with the required skills. Such skill shortage results in reduced competitiveness and missed economic opportunities in these countries.


In this project, we collect data about the Moroccan job market where the unemployment rate among graduates is as high as 18%. We collect and analyze job ads from various recruitment websites in order to identify job market needs. We also analyze collaboration between job market stakeholders through social network analysis of data collected through interviews. Finally, we collect and analyze traditional and social media data in order to understand the perceptions of different stakeholders.



Data Science for Improved Education & Employability in Morocco.
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Ibrahim Rahhal, Ibtissam Makdoun, Ghita Mezzour, Imane Khaouja, Kathleen M. Carley, and Ismail Kassou. Analyzing Cybersecurity Job Market Needs in Morocco by Mining Job Ads. IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON), April 2019, Dubai, Émirats arabes unis. PDF.

I. Makdoun, G. Mezzour, K. Carley, I. Kassou. Analyzing the needs of the Automotive Job Market in Morocco. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Computer Science and Education (ICCSE 2018): Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2018. PDF. PPT.

Imane Khaouja, Ibrahim Rahhal, Mehdi El Ouali, Ghita Mezzour, Kathleen M. Carley, and Ismail Kassou. Analyzing the Needs of the Offshore Sector in Morocco. IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON), April 2018, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. PDF. PPT.


I. Khaouja, I. Makdoun, G. Mezzour, I. Rahhal, H. Benchekroun, Y. El Hatib, and I. Kassou. Social Network Analysis of Job Market Stakeholders in Morocco. Short paper, International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation (SBP-BRiMS), July 2017, Washington, DC, USA. PDF. PPT.


Mehdi ELOUALI, Classifying and Mining Job Ads Pertaining to the Offshore Sector in Casablanca, Master Thesis, Big Data Master Program, International University of Rabat, july 2017



  • Workshop Vers une Adéquation entre Formation et Emploi au Maroc
  • The purpose of this workshop is to present our results on analyzing the job market in Morocco with other participants from different stakeholders categories(private sector, public sector, recruitment agencies, funders, youth, civil societies, and vocational schools). Event Flyer

  • A Cyber-Security Day to highlight Career Opportunities for the Next Generation of Cyber-Security Experts in Morocco
  • The event on cybersecurity was hosted by the United States’ Mission in Morocco and the International University of Rabat. In this event, global expert Melissa Hathaway gave a keynote, then students interacted directly with Chief Security Officers and presented their posters. A roundtable discussion on how academia, the private sector, and government can coordinate to train cybersecurity professionals whose skillsets match demand in the private and public sectors was discussed took place at the end of th event. Event Flyer Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

  • Social Network Analysis training at the International University of Rabat
  • In this event, Dr. Carley presented ORA a tool for Social network Analysis. which is the process of investigating social structures through the use of networks and graph theory. During this workshop, the participants had the opportunity to discover some features of the software.
    Event Flyer Event Agenda

  • Meeting with stakeholders
  • The purpose of this meeting is to exchange information on our project with other participants from different stakeholders categories(private sector, public sector, recruitment agencies, funders, youth, civil societies, and vocational schools). Event Flyer Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

  • Social Network Analysis seminars
  • In this seminary different real examples of the use of Social network Analysis was presented which proves the importance of SNA in solving problems and understanding phenomena.Event Flyer1 Event Flyer2


  • Ibrahim Rahhal, PhD student
  • Ibtissam Makdoun, PhD student
  • Imane Khaouja, PhD student
  • Salma Largo, Intern
  • Mehdi El Ouali, MS student (Graduated)



  • 2M

  • Marché de l’emploi: Les universités ajustent leur formation, L'ECONOMISTE.COM

  • L’UIR s’intéresse à l’adaptation de la formation au marché du travail, Le